EDU- brick pi lego mindstorms sensor and motor initial test

I initiated my title because I am in an elementary school (gr 5 students are attempting to use brickpi to recycle lego parts and also gopigo to extend their knowledge of scratch programming). That is my goal. So far, the building of robots is slow but successful. We are using CINCH to connect each to interface. All sd cards have been updated with CINCH.
Our first test - check that sensor and motor is responding. the message we get is that the brickpi3 is not connected.
images attached. how can we get the interface to see the brickpi?
images of laptop and brick startup

Could I see a close up picture of how the brickpi is meeting the pins? If they don’t meet up right there will
be a bad connection. I know its hard but I need a clear picture of the brickpi meeting the pi’s pins. I had similar problems with mine.

Just want to check here: do you have a BrickPi+ or a BrickPi3 attached? Did you buy the BrickPi recently? Does it have a power on/off switch on it?

The brick pi does not have an on/off switch.
the box indicates that is a brick pi (only) it does not indicate BP+ or BP3. is there another way to determine the model?

photo of pins

Based on your pictures and description, you have a BrickPi+. BrickPi3 software won’t work with the BrickPi+.

Thank you, would do you suggest we do so that our students can program the brick pi. they have attached the lego motors and are really excited to get started. thanks for any suggestions.

Python software for the BrickPi+ can be found in the directory /home/pi/Dexter/BrickPi+/Software/BrickPi_Python

You can run Scratch from the desktop. Double-click the “Scratch” icon, select the BrickPi (it automatically determines BrickPi3 vs. BrickPi+), and click “Start Programming”.