Erlang interface for BrickPi

I made an Erlang interface for the BrickPi using the erlang-mini package. The actual interface to the BrickPi is still done through the C, and then I use Erlang’s port mechanism to communicate with the C program. The build process may be a bit manual, but it seems to work well. I have tried killing the port process while it is running and Erlang restarts it like it should, the robot barely stops moving.

The source code to the port, the Erlang brickpi process, and a sample robot application (with an OTP supervisor, and the logic implemented as an OTM gen_fsm) is at

That is super-awesome! Erlang is a language we knew nothing about, but this is really cool! We will put this up on our “languages” section on the BrickPi page. Thank you for sharing this!

Hey Wutka, here’s a quick link to the page, is there anything you want to add about the programming language or the project?

Hello, I also worked on an Erlang port driver the last few months. The implementation differs somwht from wutka’s so I uploaded it to Github as well and think it is helpfull to share it with you. See at for the sources.

Hey tjeerd, I’ve just added it to our list of languages. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!