Error in scratch car example?


I have just been setting up my latest raspberry PI and brick pi card.

I could get the motor test example to work although only one motor would work (A) until I changed direction then both A and D would work,

However the car example would not work. After spotting my deliberate mistake of not changing it to use D instead of A it still would not work.

Then I noticed that the car example does not enable the motors. Modifying scratch to enable motor A and D when green flag was clicked seem to fix it, but then I hit another problem, see my general post on " think I have just killed my PI and BrickPI"


Hello Steve,

What’s the date on the BrickPi SD Card? We recently made some serious improvements to the Scratch library that help with reliability and ease of use, back at the beginning of June. In short, our original work with Scratch had a tendency for Scratch and the BrickPi to lose touch, and for errors to occur.

If you have a slightly older SD card, it might not have these updates. If it’s earlier than 06.2014, I would recommend putting the very latest version of the BrickPi image on your SD card.

Off to look at the other post.

Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been having trouble with the internet, not sure whether it is my computers , router or your web site.
Posts are not always displayed, just a blank screen.

Anyhow, back to your question, I am using the 2014.06.05 image.

I am also having oython problems, can’t get any motors to turn using the examples.

I will look to see of there are any related posts elsewhere.

Cheers Steve