Error Message "Dissabling IRQ #32"

I am using the Simplebot, and it was working correctly. However it recently started showing the error of Diabling IRQ#32 and it stops moving after it would complete several commands. I am using Python as the Program. Has anyone else had that same issue? Can someone please let me know how I can correct this error. Thanks!

We haven’t seen this error specifically.
Couple of quick questions:

  • Does the original example program still work correctly?
  • Can you share your code with us?
  • Is there any way you can paste the dialog that leads to the error?

This error might be because of the Wifi adapter or anything else connected to the USB port drawing too much power. You can have a look at the Raspberry Pi forums on this issue . Try connecting the Wifi adapter to a powered USB port. That should help solve the problem.