Error with custom SPI sensors and brickpi


We are currently experimenting with the BrickPi and a Raspberry. We’ve connected some sensors to our “robot”. So far so good, we can read the input of the sensors in a python script ( I have to mention that I use a light sensor (LDR) conencted to an AD converter (on a breadboard)). Now when we want to start the motor using the values of the lightsensor, I get following error :

I hope that you can understand my problem, and that you may have a solution to fix it.

The script we use to start the motor can be found here:

Also, the error is raised by “BrickPiUpdateValues”, seems like he can’t work together with serial inputs?

And we also we have tested it seperately, so we can run the motors if we don’t use the sensors.

So unfortunately I don’t have an immediate answer. There might be a problem with the spidev package interfering with the same pins that are used by serial. A possible workaround might be to use the A/D on the BrickPi?