EV3, motor doesn't move

Hey guys! I recently tried running a EV3 motor, but nothing worked. I was able to get encoder readings, but no movement. I tried the examples, and writing my own tests. Is it working for anyone?

I can’t test or out because I tried it on someone else’s robot. I only have the NXT.
Is this a bug? It works fine with the NXT motors so … ?

I only have EV3 motors and they work fine on both my Brick pi+ and Brick pi 3

now it works, see below!

I observed that the battery power had been low for my BrckPi3, but even when having exchanged the batteries I had an unexpected connection failure and SPI was not detected any more.

After shut down and restart now everything works fine with the new battery pack, for all 4 EV3 motors!

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See section 3 here (specifically “More Information on Power”) for information regarding power options. See also section 2 here regarding the LED voltage indication, including when the motors get disabled.

All three types of NXT/EV3 motors work with the BrickPi3, but they will automatically be disabled from running if the battery voltage is too low (see the pages linked to above for details).

yes, that was definetly the reason for my issues I had run into, not sure if that is also the reason for the OP’s reported issue though.

Thanks guys! That probably was it.

It would be nice if an error was raised if tried to run a motor on low power @matt.

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