EV3 Sensors and motors won't turn on

Using BrickPi+, Scratch, EV3 sensors, RaspberryPi 2

I have been using this robot for three weeks now, and now none of the sensors or motors will turn on at all. We have made sure to enable all the motors and to broadcast SETUP/START/UPDATE before using all sensors. This morning, one of my programs which involves both large motors, the small motor, and the ultrasonic sensor worked exactly as expected ONCE. Every time I have tried to use that same program or any of the DI example test programs, none of the sensors or motors respond.

Hi aewang, sorry to hear about the troubles with this. Have you run the motor example programs successfully?

The ultrasonic sensor is the EV3 sensor, correct?

Can you provide a screenshot of the Scratch program you’ve written?

Not today. It has worked in the past.

Yes it is.

This script uses the small motor (MD) which opens and closes as a claw. The US sensor is in S3.