Every Thing Changes Every Time

I’ve spent years learning how to write code for the pi camera in Python using the picamera Python library. I have a long list of how-to-do-this-or-that examples coded as well as my PiCamera light/color/motion class:

All incompatible under the latest operating systems for the Raspberry Pi (PiOS Bullseye, Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa) with the switch to the standard Video For Linux:

And one more challenge for ModRobotics bringing GoPiGo OS to a Bullseye base.


This is the comment I left for that article:

This makes me wonder if MR should even be THINKING about Bullseye yet - it even breaks compatibility with some of their own hardware!

Yes.  I understand that the original camera libraries were something of a closed-source “hack” and going to a more open-source model is the wave of the future, but do we have to do ALL of it, RIGHT NOW?

A much better way to handle this would be to phase it in.

  1. Keep the original Raspberry Pi camera utilities intact.
  2. Work on the updated libcamera utillities “in the background” so to speak, invite people to use them and comment, with the understanding that this is seriously beta level stuff.
  3. Once the software has been sufficiently debugged, and compatibility layers have been created and tested, then it could be considered for mainstream release.

What they’re doing now is reminiscent of Windows Vista - releasing a significant software library that is used by virtually everything under the sun - way before it’s ready for prime time.

(Shakes head. . .)