Finer control of a motor in scratch

Hello all,

Have just got my brickpi setup and am very happy to report motor success! I have, however, a question.

How can I control the motors with more precision? ideally do things like turn the motor by 180* or 45* etc?


Glad it’s working! Thanks for letting us know!

We haven’t developed examples for that yet. I am going to do a little work in scratch this week and I’ll see if we can do it. There is a lag int he communications between scratch and the BrickPi that might not let this be a very accurate function though.

Hi Admin,

Just wondering how the above is going? Is the above possible currently in python as opposed to scratch?

Also the lego servos are both sensors and motors. Does the brickpi cater for the use of motors as sensors? If so would they then be plugged in sensor ports instead of the motor port?

Really excited by the possibilities the Brickpi is offering. Now to persuade the head at the school to buy a class set!

I put up an example of motor speed controlled by an Ultrasonic Sensor. Let me know what you think!


Sounds great but where can I download this example?



Same place as always: