Firmware Flash Help Needed

My son and I are going to flash the updated firmware onto our BrickPi. We have re-run the firmware check and it has given us a different mysterious number (659 in this case. It said “644” last time, which confused the folks at Dexter). In both cases, the python firmware check has said the firmware needs to be updated, so we see no alternative.

Here is our conundrum: We have an Arduino Uno. We have break-away headers with which to connect a cable to the two six-hole programming ports on the BrickPi. And also have an old female-female ribbon cable with 20 conductors, of which we will use only six (actually 5, since the instructions require one line to be cut). But without a pin to pin connection diagram, we don’t know how to hook it all up. We are concerned our ribbon cable may invert the order.

Our question is this: if the Arduino is oriented with the USB port “up” (away) and the BrickPi is oriented with the power plug “up” (away), and if we number the pins starting in the upper left, moving around clockwise finishing on the lower left, which Arduino pins are connected to which BrickPi Pins? And which pin is left unconnected?

Thanks for any help.

Are you in the US? If so, it might be easier to arrange a swap. Our latest batch of BrickPi have the new EV3 firmware on them. I’d also like to know more about your error code.

Can we set something up? Just contact me through our website here.


Good. Thanks. Message sent.

Have not gotten anything yet.

Hmmm. I sent two messages through the site.

Is there an email address? Or as an admin, can you see mine?