Flashing new firmware

Just started to look at this procedure. Dear God how many web sites should I refer to? This is ridiculous.

Would it not be possible to have every step simply laid out on THIS website rather than having to jump around several different ones? After reading the instructions from all the websites I am now more confused than I was BEFORE I started reading them. New customers are getting their brickpi sent out to them with this firmware already updated, but earlier customers like myself are left holding a bag of cables and a horribly muddled up procedure to chew through.

Status atm: Confused and frustrated.

Dear confused and frustrated,

We agree, updating the firmware on the BrickPi is a confusing and complicated process. It is not for the inexperienced. If you’d like to mail me your BrickPi, I’ll personally reflash the firmware with the latest, and even foot the bill for the postage back to you. Just let me know.



Hey Pi-in-the-sky, just wanted to touch base. Haven’t heard back about my offer.


Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you John, I have been swamped by other projects.

I spoke with my administrator today, and while we are very grateful to you for your very generous offer, the school feels that given we are in Indonesia, it would be too expensive to post it out for both you and us and not worth the risk of damage over such a long distance.

I would like suggest a possible solution to this problem though. I am sure that as time goes on a few more people will be looking for help doing this, and wondered if you might have the time to post up a video to youtube of the entire process? I think it would be a great to actually see it done step by step.

Anyway, I will leave that suggestion with you, thanks again for your kind offer and thank you for the time you take out of your day to help us.

Dear John,

Does this offer stand for the rest of us? (I’d be happy to pay shipping.) I have a BrickPi I bought from you in 2013, with out-of-date firmware, and I don’t think I know enough to update it myself with any confidence (plus I’d have to buy the equipment.)

But: before you say “yes.” Once updated, will it work with the EV3 Ultrasonic sensor? (An older post seems to say that you only have the EV3 Touch sensor working.) If not, then I guess no need for the update – I’ll have to just buy some other ultrasonic sensor, and maybe sell the one I have.

Thank you!


Hey Jeff,
Of course, absolutely. It may take a bit of time to ship to us and back. It will work with the EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor, yes.