Forum topic scroll-bar should be located outside the posting's text area



Please look at the following page snip of a previous posting of mine. Especially notice the scroll bar item located to the left, but within the borders of, the topic’s text area.

Note the following:

  • The scroll bar, (black square), is located within the boundaries of the block of text. As shown by the subjoined full-screen image, there is ample room available to the right and left of the text for the scroll bar to exist. (Note the double-arrow on the right-hand side)
  • There are three places, (red boxes), within this example where the resources of the scroll-bar interfere with, or obscure, the text itself.
  • Also note that this occurs on ANY posting I try to read on this site.

Note within this illustration of my entire browser window:

  • The interferance with the forum posting text as shown by the red box.
  • The more than ample margin space surrounding the article’s text on both the right, (double arrow), and left sides of the page.

I am using the latest-and greatest ESR, (Extended Support Release), version of Firefox as noted below.

Please advise.


Jim “JR”


Yeah, I also hate it and we looked into this and we didn’t find a setting to disable it - we did this months ago. I guess we could look at this again - it sure it ain’t a problem to look twice.

We are kind of glad of seeing someone else have the same opinion as we do. Thanks.


Count me in on this complaint. Even though I know this is how it works, I often forget and try to hit reply, or the like/heart widget only to be reminded I have to get the post down below the end of that transparent bar - a real pain.

Would not bother me if it was turned off; I have never used, nor needed it.


Can it be repositioned outside the text area?

Or, count me in with cyclicalobsessive’s comment that I wouldn’t miss it if it were to “magically” disappear.

Jim “JR”


We are all aware of it, and have asked our forum services to get rid of it since we moved to these forums. Alas, I think we’re stuck with it for the moment.

We will be asking again.


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