Getting Started with the BrickPi: Components to Buy[SOLVED]

I own raspberry pi 3 and I am interested to build BrickPi. The main goal is to use teach my kids coding using GUI like Scratch and I don’t prefer Mindstorm from Lego. I prefer controlling through either bluetooth or wifi.

It will be great if you can guid me about what are the components that I need to buy (like Brickpi basic kit). I want my kid to learn in a Fun way, so I need most of components found in Mindstorm (LEGO MINDSTORMS sensors, motors, cables & technic parts) and also the shooter (ball throwing setup).

It will be great if you guide me on what to and where to buy them? thank you

It looks like the cost of the EV3 brick (which you wouldn’t use) is 1/2 the cost of the Mindstorms EV3 kit (which also contains motors, sensors and 550 Technic parts). Are you intending to gather just the Lego bits you need individually? It may cost you more.
I’d make sure you get the BrickPi 3 instead of the older BrickPi+.
Where’s the best place to buy depends on where in the world you are. I live in Canada, and find I’m better off buying things like BrickPis and such from a Canadian dealer - saving the hassle of customs, and more expensive shipping.

So your not interested in Building the BrickPi from scratch, you just want to get the lego components.
So for the sensors and motors its really up to you on what you want. Here’s a list of the main motors and sensors you can get for Lego mindostorms.
I recommend getting three motors. Two large ones for driving. Then the third either the small or large one. I recommend the small one.
For sensors I would recommend getting the ones shown in the link above. Of course you could drop a few if you feel you wouldn’t need them.

You can buy them directly from lego

You’ll also of course need lego pieces. I suggest buying the expansion set. There’s two different ones by lego:

Note it may be expensive for you to buy them from However I hope this gives you an idea of what you need to buy.

Also keep in mind you can use nxt stuff with BrickPi. Just stay away from the nxt light sensor and nxt touch sensor. I speak from from expeirence :wink:

Thank you, I just ordered Mindstorm.

Son great. Hope everything works out!

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