GoPiGo-3 plus PivotPi?


Asking @cleoqc and @mitch.kremm to join and offer their opinions.

As I expand my horizons with Charlie, I am thinking about using other sensors or such like with him. Additional bumpers? Another distance sensor, or something else?

Looking at the PivotPi PCB, it looks like a board that, more or less, provides a lot of additional connectors to interface with various devices, servos and such like.

Is the Pivot Pi compatible with the GoPiGo-3 - that is, can I stack them and get the best of both worlds?


The PivotPi is compatible with the GoPiGo3 but not with DexterOS. I have to check if it got installed on GoPiGo OS (for sure it wasn’t tested) but if you install it manually, it will work. The libraries are compatible and they can be stacked.

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I know the GoPiGo O/S includes a PivotPi control panel. I thought DexterOS did too, but I could well be mistaken.