GoPiGo3 Control Panel Rasbian for Robots, Won't Open or Execute

The control panel won’t open and isn’t throwing errors, I’ve ran ALL updates including tools, apt-get and firmware on the robot; It simply won’t open when i try to manually execute using python it tells me Mutex can’t be imported. I tried deleting the pip and reinstalling, I’ve tried deleting the eggs are reinstalling those, Nothing. Any advice?

Hi @jamespfnw,

Let’s do the following operations:

sudo pip uninstall gopigo -y
sudo pip3 uninstall gopigo -y
sudo pip uninstall gopigo3 -y
sudo pip3 uninstall gopigo3 -y

And after that run curl -kL | sudo bash

After this, let us know if the control panel starts working again.

Thank you!

Robert seemed to have missed a step. You will need to reinstall the GoPiGo3 library before trying again.
curl -kL | sudo bash

Thankyou both so much! That final step cleo fixed the problem! loves