Gopigo3 Slam not working yet

When I launch roslaunch gopigo3_navigation gopigo3_slam.launch I believe everything looks right - lidar spins, rviz shows walls etc. But then I realize that they are really inaccurate. I drive the robot around and the walls take time before they land back on where the Lidar says they are. They jump around.

Next when I launch roslaunch gopigo3_navigation amcl.launch map_file:=/home/pitosalas/catkin_ws/test_map.yaml the map still looks pretty bad and the robot’s localization makes it jump back and forth between places, it’s obviously not able to determine where it is. If I give it a destination, it never makes it.

Either something is still not set up right, or is there a calibration step that comes next? It certainly doesn’t work cleanly like the example in the book.


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@brjapon, any suggestions to debug this? Could this be a result of the Ydlidar x/y not exactly lined up with the bot’s x/y?