GoPiGo3 Ubuntu 18.04 ROS Melodic SD Pi3B/B+ image for "Hands On ROS for Robotics Programming"

This is the direct link to the GoPiGo3_Ubuntu18.04-ROS_Melodic image link:

(Will not boot on Pi4 or Pi5)

ROS Melodic support

GoPiGo3_Ubuntu18.04-ROS_Melodic.tar.gz is a user contributed image.

It is meant to go with the following book:

Hands-On ROS for Robotics Programming

Source: Download (Dexter Raspbian for Robots), updated 2023-02-06


I think the image only works on Pi3B/Pi3B+ processors - which prior to the “great dearth” of Raspberry Pi was the preferred and standard processor for the GoPiGo3. (No success for my Pi4 attempts)


yup - see my Update 2 in topic #9494/10

BTW, the image is doubly compressed (tar then gz) - did you uncompress it twice to get down to the .img level and then feed that to the Raspberry Pi Imager (based on your reply before editing :wink:)

What imager/version did you use?

I tried with the Raspberry Pi Imager 1.8.1, selecting Pi4, this tar.gz, and my SD card - but the Pi4 boots to a bootloader that does not recognize the SD card as having a bootable image.

If so, you should have seen something like this on the screen:

Is that what you got?


No, the imager will extract from gz files, but I didn’t realize that it wouldn’t extract from a tar.gz. Good catch.

Yes - bummer.

The image came right up on a Pi3 , but the keyboard map was wrong - that one makes things tough.

It appears there are no Pi4 images for Mate 18.04.4 to be found, and no Pi4 images of Ubuntu 18.04.4 desktop.

I found an Ubuntu 18.04.5 64-bit Server for Pi4. I should be able to install GoPiGo3 software with no gui, and then hopefully add ROS Melodic.

(Not that I wouldn’t prefer new folks to go for ROS 2, but I understand the structure of the book gives good hand-holding and all the background needed for someone totally new to the ROS / ROS 2 world.)


A worthy goal! Let me know if I can help in any way!


I’ve learned not to be optimistic with last ditch efforts. If perchance I manage to build a usable image, I will ask for you to see if you are able to burn it and configure it for your WiFi. I can test most everything else. (I may have to modify my approach and use 20.04 with Noetic - 18.04 anything for Pi4 is tough to find.)