GrovePi and Raspberry 3B compatibility problem

I install GrovePi on Raspberry 3B, with Raspbian Stretch. There’s no problem during the installation and I can pass the LED test. But when I try to run the LED_Fade, I always get the error message like below. 'TypeError: ‘int’ object has no attribute ‘getitem’.
I try other analog sensors, such as Light sensor, and run the, the same error happens.
BTW, the script i2cdetct returns the correct result: 04.

So, my questions are:

  1. Is GrovePi compatible with Raspberry 3B?
  2. Which version of Raspbian is supported by GrovePi?

Hello @shenyang70s

Have you updated the firmware on your grovepi? This is often associated with a incompatible version of the firmware with the python drivers.

Yes the grovepi is compatible with the 3B. Officially the GrovePi runs on Jessie, although most of it seems to work with Stretch. If you download Raspbian for robots, you will get a Jessie version of Raspbian.



Dear Cleo,
How can I update the firmware? Where can I find the related software?

After installing Jessie and updating the firmware, it works.

Hi @shenyang70s,

I’m glad it started to work for you. Just in case anyone sees this thread, the command for updating the dependencies for the GrovePi is:

curl -kL | sudo bash

And then for updating the firmware of the GrovePi (that’s the program that resides on the board itself and not on the Raspberry Pi) you need to head over to /home/pi/Dexter/GrovePi/Firmware and then run the following command:

sudo bash

I hope this is clear enough for anyone else.

Thank you!