GrovePI + RFID + Java

Dear All,

I was trying to retrieve data from a RFID sensor ( by means of GrovePI Java library.
I have a Raspberry PI 3 connect with a GrovePI which is, in turn, connected with the mentioned RFID sensor.
From as I have understood, the RFID sensor is a serial sensor and, if I’m not wrong, the GrovePI lib doesn’t provide any class for managing serial connection trought GrovePI, isn’t it?
Do I should bypass GrovePi lib and try directly with pi4j?

Replies will be appreciated, thank you in advance.
Best regards,


Hi @giuseppe.landolfi,

Yes, you are correct, you have to bypass the GrovePi’s serial port by connecting it to RPI_SER, which is a serial port that directly goes to the Raspberry Pi.

And yes, I think you could give pi4j a shot.

Thank you!