Guide to Getting Help With the BrickPi

We want to help you get up and running as quickly as possible with the BrickPi. The more information you give about the problem, and what you’ve done so far, the quicker we can help out.

If you can, please include:

<ul>What version of the BrickPi you're using (Advanced or Basic).</ul>
<ul>What image you're using (Dexter Industries build or other?  Our SD Card?)</ul>
<ul>How you have the BrickPi setup (connect over ethernet, wifi, or other?)</ul>
<ul>Any USB devices you have connected (especially the type of wifi dongle you're using if it's a wifi problem)</ul>
<ul>Screenshots of relevant files or setups (if it's a connection issue, try to include a screenshot of running <code>ifconfig</code> in the terminal, and your network/interfaces file).</ul>