Gyro, lego-ev3-gyro, and 256 instead of degrees

I can work with this, but was wondering if it was normal.

BrickPi3, lejos, lego-ev3-gyro sensor, I’m getting odd readings. I was expecting degrees, but instead get 0-255 as I tilt the sensor.

Which isn’t quite as good as expected. I can’t tell if it went in a circle, and the resolution isn’t as good as 360 degrees.

My readings (I was rocking it back and forth)

From the docs, it sounds like it should be a signed 16-bit integer:

I confirmed this was the same reading from /sys/bus/lego/devices/spi0.1:S4:lego-ev3-gyro/lego-sensor/sensor0/device/lego-sensor/sensor0/value0 so it isn’t an artifact of Java or Kotlin.

dlech (ev3dev member) agrees -