Help Getting robot to work without Ethernet...Also Building AlexaPi robot

I am trying to get my GoPiGo3 to function without having it connected to the Ethernet cable. In noVnc I connected the bot to the wifi through raspberry pi??? IDK I am very new to robotics, but I do not see the “Wifi Setup” option for configuring. Also, I cannot use dex.local…I’ve been accessing the dexster industries site by typing the ip number…Is that a problem?? Here are some screen shots from my end:


If you click the wifi icon in the taskbar, you’ll be able to select your wifi access point and enter it’s password.



I did connect it to the WiFi, but when I disconnect the Ethernet everything stops working both on my pc and robot

Since you’re connecting by using the IP address, you’ll have to change to the address the wifi is connected on after you disconnect the ethernet cable.


I watched the Assign Static IP Address on the Raspberry Pi Using a Windows PC on youtube, but I do not understand how to use the wifi address instead :frowning_face:

Thank for the replies

Here’s my wifi information

While you are connected with a wired connection, check your network connections by hovering over the Wireless & Wired Network icon on the Task Bar or by opening a terminal window and runing ifconfig:


This is my default configuration with a fresh Raspbian for Robots Installation. My wired connection (eth0) is on and my wifi connection (wlan0) is on

If you want to set up static ip addresses, you can do it by editing the file /etc/dhcpcd.conf


I’ve added the lines in the red box to change my wired address to and change my wifi address to

The lines starting with
static ip_address=
static routers=
static domain_name_servers=
are specific to your network configuration.

You can see the changes have taken effect after I saved the file and rebooted:


Disclaimer: I do not work for Dexter Industries, I’m just another robot owner trying to help others and learn along the way.


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I do not have /etc/dhcpcd.conf

This is with a freshly flashed SD card:

This file should be present with a fresh Raspbian for Robots installation. Have you flashed your SD card or are you running with the version that came with your GoPiGo? You might want to download the latest version and re-flash your SD card if you haven’t done it yet. (the latest version on the download site is


First All I just wanna say thank you for being patient with me and responding to all of my questions. I did finally figure it out with your help and some help from google and youtube. Thanks!!!

They need to put you on payroll :rofl:

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I checked to make sure my alexa was running on my raspberry pi and it is, but I am unable to get any type of feedback. Any Suggestions??

I take that this message of yours is related to this thread, right?

Anyhow, I’d probably want to keep the discussion on this other thread you have created:

Thank you!