Help me, I have a problem with GrovePi

when I set software on Raspberry Pi截屏2020-03-08上午12.00.07
feedback is not found

not found the"lib/Dexter/script_tools/"

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Please use this to install:
curl -kL | bash

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Thank you.
I try this many times.
but it is stuck here…截屏2020-03-08上午10.50.05
Reading many hours

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What operating system are you using with the GrovePi?

“Raspbian for Robots”? Or a different one?


“机器人的树莓派”? 还是其他人?

The Raspbian
I used a proxy and set up successfully.
Thank you for your reply.

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I am glad that you were able to get this working!

Please feel free to come back if you have other questions. We would appreciate if you would write us about the progress of your project. We can offer help and encouragement.

P.S. What language do you speak? I am assuming Chinese - is that correct?


如有其他疑问,请随时回来。 如果您能就项目的进展向我们写信,我们将不胜感激。 我们可以提供帮助和鼓励。

附言 你会说什么语言? 我假设中文-正确吗?

Yep,I’m Chinese.
My English is poor.

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Does it help if I use Google Translate to translate my replies to Chinese?

There are two choices for Chinese:

  1. “Traditional” Chinese
  2. “Simplified” Chinese

Which would you prefer?

I am using Google’s “Simplified” Chinese. Please tell me if you want me to use a different translation.

Does Google Translate provide a good translation? If not, do you know a better site for translating Chinese?

Thank you.




我正在使用Google的“简体”中文。 请告诉我是否要我使用其他翻译。

Google翻译是否提供良好的翻译? 如果不是,您知道一个更好的中文翻译网站吗?


I choose the “Simplified” Chinese
Google Translator is nice.
Thank you.

Hi there, I have the same problem, but do not have a fix yet. Could you please help me out? See my forum topic here: Sudo ./ error line 11