Help with damaged BrickPi

I have been using the Brickpi for a few years now and it plays an integral part in a lot of my robotics projects.

Unfortunately one of the SN754410 chips burnt out (probably with over use), and so I brought it to my school and tried to get the chip replaced with a solder rework station. However, some of the tracks were damaged too and I don’t know whether the other components were also burnt; I don’t want to risk my Raspberry by testing it.

The only reason I see for the failure was because I’ve been using it quite extensively; I didn’t do anything else wrong.

I’m in a dilemma because I do not know how to resolve this, as getting a new Brickpi is too pricey. Would you have any idea how I could attempt to repair it?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @andrew.wang27,

Sorry to hear that you have burnt that chip and we will try to help you the best way possible.
Can you contact us here, under “General Questions and Feedback” and our logistics team will get in touch with you.