How brickPI works with GPIO

I am doing a final project with Raspberry Pi, BrickPi and Lego sensors, and I want to know how BrickPi reads the GPIO and what pins are used? I am programming in C.

Hey Carlos,

Can you tell us more about your project and what you’re specifically trying to do?

The BrickPi and the Raspberry PI talk almost exclusively to each other over the serial pins (15 and 16 on the Raspberry Pi). I2C is used on the latest device to access voltage.

Hope that helps! You’ve found our C library for the BrickPi, correct?


Hi John,

I am doing a project with a Operating System derived from Linux which is running in RaspberryPI. We have to do drivers in C for this OS and we have to know how the BrickPi works with GPIO to read data for doing our drivers.

Yes I found your C library for the BrickPi.

If you know some example about small projects maybe could help me.



Hey Carlos, not sure what you’re looking for. The C library for BrickPi has a few examples of communication between the Pi and the BrickPi. All of the data sent between the two devices is over serial as I described above.

Let me rephrase my question: What’s missing from the examples that you’re looking for?

Okei I understand you, the transmision is over serial.

I see that brickPi uses librarys for using functions to know the data of sensors and motors.

All is alright.
Thanks for your help.


Hey Carlos, great to hear. If anything is unclear, first check the libraries (brickpi.h or or come on back and ask away. We’re happy to help.

We would LOVE to hear more about your project. What are you doing?