How can I add a higher powered motor

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I’m trying to figure out which components to I need to use higher voltage and rpm motors than the standard Lego Mindstorms EV3 motors to make for example a vacuum cleaner using a mix of Lego and non-Lego parts. I understand normally for a Raspberry Pi you can add a motor driver board. In this case can I or should I add a motor driver board to the Brickpi or is there a better way?

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This is totally untested so you’re venturing in areas where we can’t really offer any support.
In theory and barring any conflicts, you should be able to add on a ThunderBorg.

Don’t rely on the brickpi batteries though. Those motors would need their own set of batteries.

As I said, this has not been tested as a combination. My suggestion comes with no warranties.



Though the H-bridge chip on the GoPiGo is rated for a reasonable amount of power, (and I am assuming they use something similar on the brick Pi), you really need to check the data sheet for the chip used.

Also note that even if the chip can handle the required power, it may only be rated for that amount of power with a heat-sink.

Data sheets are your friend!