How can I get hold of the "BrickPi Update Software" script

I seem to have deleted it off my RPi.

EUREKA! I got it! I was getting worried cuz I recreated the scenario by deleting the update scripts! No problem @rolly. It is so easy!! So you know the Rasbian for robots repository on github? Well that repository just happens to be the DI Software Update! So what your going to need to do is create a directory called di_update.
then clone into that directory the repository:
git clone

Now that the repository is on the computer you need to create the shortcut.
copy desktop_shortcut_update.desktop from the Rasbian_Robots directory to your desktop. for convience the command is:
cp di_update/Rasbian_For_Robots/desktop_shortcut_update.desktop Desktop/desktop_shortcut_update.desktop
Then make it executable with:
chmod +x desktop_shortcut_update.desktop

Hope this works :slight_smile: writing this I just started the software update and everything appears to be working!

Note later on I got this error:
Can't load image from file'/home/pi/di_update/Raspbian_For_Robots/update_gui_elements/.png': file does not exist

However its just an image, I think it should be fine. The update didn’t stop. You just couldn’t exit properly.