How to read the 'rate' of rotation using EV3 Dev gyro sensor?

I’m working on an Inverted Pendulum robot using EV3 Dev Gyro sensor and BrickPi. I want to read the rate of rotation of my robot. None of the four modes (TYPE_SENSOR_EV3_GYRO_M0, TYPE_SENSOR_EV3_GYRO_M1, TYPE_SENSOR_EV3_GYRO_M2, TYPE_SENSOR_EV3_GYRO_M3) mentioned in the GitHub example gives the rate of rotation.
I’m looking for a reading that goes to zero when the pendulum is at rest (No matter in which angle). Once it starts moving, I need to get the rate (angular velocity) of movement. I have achieved the same using MODE_GYRO_RATE for ev3dev and I’m not getting an alternative for the same mode in BrickPi. Any leads would be really helpful.

The feature I’m looking for seems to be available with BrickPi3, BP.set_sensor_type(PORT_SENSOR_GYRO, BP.SENSOR_TYPE.EV3_GYRO_DPS). How can I achieve the same with BrickPi+ ?