How to run BrickPi/scratch remotely

I have had my BrickPi for about a week now. I successfully got my wifi car running remotely with Python. I am trying to run this with Scratch now. I have some sample code running fine with the scratch GUI running on the Pi but I’m not sure how to run scratch remotely from my laptop. I’m using SSH from my Mac. I assume there is some way to run an .sb from the command line. Thanks in advance.


There may be a way to do it, but we haven’t seen it. I think Scratch is entirely GUI driven. I think the only way you could run it remotely would be to use VNC, and control the code from a distance on the remote desktop on VNC.

By the way, we have a section on our website here: about using VNC. It will hopefully jump start you towards this goal.


Thanks John,
This should work for me! Appreciate the help.