How to update the GoPiGo libraries to include the fixes that have been pushed to GitHub?

Python paths, executables, and mutexes, oh my!

Here’s yet another fly in that famous ointment:

There have been a lot of good and useful changes pushed to the Dexter Industries GitHub repo, but as far as I know, there’s no published way to incorporate these changes into existing robots.

As I see it, there are two possible solutions:

  1. @cleoqc releases an update to the GoPiGo O/S.

  2. Find a way to download these changes to the existing libraries and incorporate them into the existing system/egg files, etc.

As to #1 - no disrespect intended to Nicole, but I don’t see that as a priority, nor do I expect it to happen any time soon.

Not only that, but what about everyone who has built a GoPiGo robot on top of a different base O/S?  (i.e.  Things like ROS over Bullseye/Bookworm, etc.)

That leaves #2.

Knowing how picky Python is about its paths and egg files, how do we update our robots to include the current updates and fixes?

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The last “good and useful change” in the Open Source GitHub repos, that I see was your suggestion for stop() to cut the power to the wheels in March of 2022. (Ignoring the minimal C++ example addition that even I am not using…)

The really useful things that changed in the June 2022 release were in some other repo:

GoPiGo OS 3.0.3 June 2022 incorporated

The published way is to always get the latest and greatest supported OS: GoPiGo OS 3.0.3

Clicking “View update instructions” take you to:

BTW - your “How to disable the access point and connect to WiFi permanently” method that you have posted to new users is in the official GoPiGo OS instructions:

Advanced Things To Know About The WiFi Feature

You can save yourself some typing by pointing them there.

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