How to use BrickPi3

I’m Thai. now, I have BrickPi3, but I do not use it. Follow the steps but not succeed. I need private tutor. Please help.

What specifically is going wrong? A screenshot of the output when you try something is useful. Also information such as “The motor is not moving”, “The BrickPi caught on fire or teleported” :wink: also help.

It is probably something really simple that is causing the issue, we’ll get it working! :slight_smile:

Nothing happens. Trying to fix I want to know the steps to do from the start. Can you give me?

So I take it your not understanding the instructions?

First you’ll need to assemble the Brickpi3. There is instructions for that here.

Connecting to the Robot

Connect through Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor

The easiest way. Just three steps! However a robot is generally mobile. But if you just want to get started it’s great and fun!

  1. Connect Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor or TV
  2. Connect the battery and the usb power (optional)
  3. The robot is now booting. The robot will when complete boot into the desktop.

Connect directly to computer

With your robot you should have a small gray ethernet cable. With this you can actually connect to the robot directly from your computer.
Instructions for PC
Instructions for Mac

Connect Wirelessly

You’ll be able to drive the robot around untethered. The setup is also easier then the previous option.

  1. Follow the instructions I gave for using the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
  2. Once the Pi is booted follow these instructions This will connect your pi to WiFi
  3. Now open a browser on your computer and enter dex.local into the top bar in your web browser.
  4. You can click VNC if you want the graphical desktop. If the terminal is your thing then you also have that.
  5. Done!

Programming your Robot

The robot can be programmed in two ways. Python or Scratch. Python is a powerful and easy to learn text based language. If your new to programming and want something easy try Scratch, a graphical programming language.

The instructions for using scratch are here.

For python the instructions are here. Ignore the installation instructions. It should already be installed. The instructions will only tell you how to use the BrickPi3 with python. If you wish to learn python you could get yourself a book on it. You could also look at the official tutorial. The python documentation is known to be very good and in my opinion the best in the world.

If you have any questions of course ask. I hope this answers your questions?

Have fun and create something epic! :smiley:

Thank you very much. I will try it first. If I don’t to it. I will ask you again.

Is there a command to check for connectivity?

What OS do you use from ?