How to use grove i2c port in BrickPi3[SOLVED]

do we have any example and python script using grove i2c port in BrickPi3?
Is it possible to connect more than 1 grove i2c device to BrickPi3?
Can we use GPIO pins in BrickPi3?

I am assuming you just use it as you would a grovepi. For using the GPIO pins, yes and no. Depends on what you want them for. Of your use case requires spice, then no. That will interfere with the BrickPi3 because uses spice. If its something else most likely yes. If you planning on using the I2C on the GPIO pi s not sure, I think it would work. Think.

I know its technically possible to plug in more than one I2C device in the grove port because you can do that with the pivotpi. However I don’t know how that works with other sensors.

Hi @edwinwtkwok,

Yes all the I2C examples here would be working on BrickPi3 too. Yes you can connect multiple I2C sensors to BrickPi3 but you will need a I2C hub like this. You will have to connect the I2C port of the BrickPi3 to one of the ports on I2C hub and connect the other I2C sensors to the I2C hub.


Just tried connecting to i2c pins and it works.
On the other hand, connected digital sensors to other GPIO pins will cause an error ‘BrickPi3 not connected’. Any ideas why just the connection ( even when the code has no reference to the sensor ) will lead to this error?

what do you mean by “connected digital sensors to other GPIO pins”?
which kind of “digital”, which kind of “sensors” and which GPIOs (BCM numbering) specifically?

Actually, i connected to one of the GPIO pin which is used for SPI. Once I choose the pins with no conflict with SPI, it works. Problem solved. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions.