How to use RPi GPIO pins to reprogram the BrickPi+ firmware?

If it can be done with an Arduino, why not an RPi?
I’d love to work on moving functionality from the RPi into the BrickPi+, but reprogramming using the Atmel is a real pain.
Any ideas?

Google is your friend.

Don’t know how easy it would be to do, but it would nice to leave the GPIO/BrickPi+ leads in place in my constructed robot, and reprogram its BrickPi firmware as easily as I can reprogram its RaspberryPi brainware.

One problem with reprogramming the BrickPi with more functionality (ala the BrickPi 3), is that the BrickPi+ doesn’t have a lot of free memory.

The problem with doing this on the older BrickPi+ is that there is no level conversion between the Pi and the BrickPi. The BrickPi runs at 5V and the RPi runs at 3V3. You risk damaging your Pi if you do it. It’s possible, but the risk is real that you damage the Pi or don’t fully program the BrickPi+!