I can't run the python script


I’m a networking student. I try to make ThingSpeak Temperature Monitor with Raspberry Pi and I already finish my setup. But now, the problem is, I can’t run the python scricpt. I give the error print screen and the script. The temperature sensor is plug ti port number 3 as shown… I also try to crate a telegram bot or sendmail to alert if the temperature reach at certain point. Please help me…:frowning:

Hello, from your screenshot it looks like you just need to correct an indentation error. Can you try realigning the code? It looks like you just have the problem on line 42.

Hi John,

Yes. I know but I don’t know how to repair it at line 42. I have no idea about python language…

Here is my script… Where is my mistake?

It looks like the mistake is on line 42. I would delete all of the white space in front of the text and add either spaces or tabs with the correct indentation.

Here is a quick note about Python and whitespace: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13884499/what-is-python-whitespace-and-how-does-it-work

Hi John,

I still have the same error. Can you help me with teamviewver me?