I lost my hardware bag, what parts do I need

Hello everyone,

I got the BrickPi as a gift, but have only recently been able to get a Lego MindStorms set to go with it and set aside some time to use the BrickPi. I’ve got the Raspberry Pi, BrickPi board, battery holder, wireless adapter and smart card, as well as the acrylic pieces, which I’ve assembled. When I connect the battery holder to the power connector on the BrickPi board, the Pi powers on and boots up as expected.

But I’ve lost the bag containing the screws and mounting posts while moving. I’m hoping you used standard components, and that if the bag doesn’t turn up, I can source all the relevant parts of something equivalent myself. Can you tell me what parts were in the hardware bag?

Mark, silly for losing things

Never mind, it turned up. I’ve now successfully assembled the BrickPi case and can log into the Pi.


First, thanks for asking. Second, congratulations on finding the bag!

For anyone listening or finding this post, if you’re missing parts or hardware, or misplaced or broken something, be sure to contact us through our website. Often we have spare parts lying around in our office or home, we can try to make arrangements to get you missing parts.