I2C not functioning on Grovepi+ RPI 3b and Buster

I cannot get i2C to work with GrovePi+ on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2
I installed and updated Raspbian Buster and installed the Dexter industries software using:
curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_grovepi | bash
I then upgraded the firmware to the most recent version 1.4.0 using:
bash update firmware.sh

When whecking the i2c using:
i2cdetect -y 1

I get this error:
Error: Could not open file /dev/i2c-1' or /dev/i2c/1’: No such file or directory

The log file created by the Troubleshooting/complete_test.sh says that “I2C still in blacklist” but i2c is enabled in the Raspi-conf configuration.
Other functionality for example analogRead works however
II would be very grateful for any suggestions what to try to get this working!

**log.txt (5.4 KB) **

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