Improving GrovePi by adding user-programmable interrupts


Am looking to write interrupts for the GrovePi.

E.g. when a button is pressed, do something. Do not want a loop that continuously polls the button state, but an interrupt that will be fired when the button is pressed.

I noticed on a Pi you can code this directly using e.g:


to call events on rising or falling edges of a sensor.

Is there something similar for the GrovePi. Would really like to know how to make this work on a GrovePi.

I saw a few threads on this, but it does not seem like there is standard solution.

Any updated since then?



Hi @s.maam,

At the moment, we haven’t added support for interrupts on the GrovePi, but it’s something we definitely have to consider in the near future.
Since the communication is initiated by the Raspberry Pi, this means the Pi is still responsible for polling in the data, but it should be done behind the scenes without letting the user feel like he’s the one polling in the data. Think of this like some food for thought.

Really, @s.maam, if you’ve got more ideas on how we can improve the GrovePi, please tell us here. We’ll take into consideration anyone’s suggestion.

Thank you!

Hi, @RobertLucian,

I am concerned with the problem that GrovePi (with internal Chip/Controller) and the connection via I2C to the RaspberryPi, which means that it’s hard to capture hardware interrupts at sensors which are connected with GrovePi.

So maybe there won’t be a chance to fix this problem via software, I think.
Are there currently improvements with interrupts, for example hardware / software updates?

Hi @NRose,

For the time being, we’re just tossing ideas around the table.
We definitely have the GrovePi on our minds for the near future, but we’re not there yet.

We’ll be back with more details once we have a clear path on the development of the GrovePi.

Thank you!