Interruption, timing and thread llibrary on BrickPi

Hi! I’m looking for libraries for timing and interrupts on the BrickPi. Also I have found a webpage that have libraries for that, but is for the GPIO of the Raspberry. Can those libraries work on the BrickPi? Here is the link


Can you help us out a little and give us more info? Are you looking to change timing and interrupts on the firmware of the BrickPi? Or are you interested in polling the GPIO for signals on the Raspberry Pi?

The first part. I’m interested into change interrupts and timing on the firmware of the Brick Pi. I making a forklift with the BrickPi so I want to know if it’s possible to use threads or interrupts because I haven’t found a library. Thanks!

Hey trukiroach, the firmware for the BrickPi is written in Arduino. Interrupts and all are pretty well documented on the Arduino site I think.

Did you see the repository of code here: