Internet Connection

Newbie MFiddler (aka Margaret) here…

Attempted “git clone https://github/DexterInd/BrickPi_Python”, my RIP is telling me it can’t resolve the address…
Tried to ping out (to my Mac, and get “connect:Network is Unreachable”, though no prob pinging from Mac to RPI).


Tried/failed so far
-> Editing my /etc/network/interfaces so that the “address” line under LAN is correct, and tried a few other tweaks per
( and (…
-> Switched to powering via a USB, though unsure of how to verify I’m getting a steady 5V.

Hey Margaret,
Looks like an internet connection problem. If you run the command
what do you see?

After following the Adafruit tutorial (and debugging…), all works.
Here is the link that other newbies may also find helpful:

As a newbie even the easy stuff can take time and effort… But now having fun getting sensors going now, hope to get to share an initial project soon!

Hey MFiddler, thank you so much for the link! And we’re glad you were able to get up and running!