Ir receiver setup "must to be connected to a terminal"

hello i have a problem, when i want click on the icon “IR Receiver Setup” the little black terminal pops up for like 2 seconds with text “must be connected to a terminal” what is it ?
And when every time i click on the icon “DI Software Update” The Raspberry must reboot. is it same problem ?
thank you and sorry fo my english

The DI Software Update forces the Pi to restart each time; most of the changes on an update require a reboot. So this is acting normally.

The problem with the IR Receiver Setup I haven’t seen before, I think. Does a GUI pop up afterwards, or is there no response other than the terminal saying “must be connected to a terminal”?

yes i know but he’s reboot before displaying the windows with 3 buton (Update Raspian, Update Dexter Software, Update Hardware Firmware) i can’t see thos windows…
no there is just the terminal… and he displaying very quickly

Just to confirm, you’re using the latest version of the Pi image from Dexter Industries, the Raspbian for Robots version?

yes i use the lastest version

Triwey, you may need to burn a new image. It’s hard to say why this isn’t working. You may need to reburn the image using this set of directions: