IR sensor


I need to read the IR from a TV remote. I have a grove pi board now. Wondering how I can add IR capability. I have seen IR shields for PI but not clear how to integrate with my grove pi board.


We have an example on the Github repo for this: for this sensor:

This pretty much works out of the box for the Keyes Remote(

If you are using some other remote then you’ll have to set it up manually by follwing step 8 here: These might be useful too: and .

How this works is that we use the RPISER port on the raspberry pi to connect the IR receiver pin directly to the Serial pin on the Raspberry Pi (The pin might be TX or RX depending on the version of the IR receiver). Then we use LIRC to read to signals from the remote and a python library to interpret them.


IR on GrovePi + RaspberryPi [Python]