Is BrickPi alive?

Is there a way to know if the BrickPi board is recognized by the Raspberry Pi ? I think I followed exactly the instructions (at least there were no error messages) in the BrickPi pages of DexterIndustries and in the MagPi tutorial, my BrickPi is powered by a new 9V battery and the Raspberry Pi by an USB power plug but none of the examples in Scratch works (the non-BrickPi instructions work but the Sensors don’t answer and the motors don’t work).
Thank you

Have you tried other languages than Scratch? The python examples may be easier to find problems with RPi-BrickPi communication.
If you want to run the motors, a 9V battery won’t have enough capacity. Please use a 6 or 8 AA-battery pack.

Hey jphubsch, so none of the examples run. When you run the python script in the background, what feedback are you getting on that window?

Also, as Frans suggested, is it possible to try running one of the Python examples to test if it’s working?