Is BrickPi+ and BrickPi3 stackable?

Since BrickPi+ and BrickPi3 are totally different HAT’s can they be stacked and run both and at the same time?

i.e does BrickPi+ and BrikPi3 have different addresses?

I haven’t tried it, but I think it would work. The BrickPi+ uses RPi GPIO18 for LED2, and BrickPi3 uses RPi GPIO18 for the reset line. You might need to write GPIO18 HIGH to allow the BrickPi3 microcontroller to run, and the side effect would be that LED2 on the BrickPi+ would be on solid.

The BrickPi+ uses UART for communication, and the BrickPi3 uses SPI. The two protocols use different pins, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Although not extensively tested yet, the BrickPi3 and drivers now support changing the address (as of firmware version 1.4.0). See here for an example (note that the example is not ideal, just good enough for testing). Changing the address needs more testing, but so far it seems to work well.

Great news.

I have a BrickPi+ and a BrickPi3 on they way atm so will try to stack the 2 together also great that the BrickPi3 is becoming stack-able as I am sure many people will make use of this.

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Because of the for!ware update @matt mentioned you can stack BrickPi3s

Regarding stacking multiple BrickPi3s, see here.