Is it possible to get just the rolling ball and mounts?


I would like to know if it is possible to purchase the rolling-ball caster and the mounting hardware for it as a separate item? If not, where’s a good source to buy it from?

Jim “JR”

Personally, I much prefer the Pololu plastic ball caster but DI does offer a replacement body kit with the ball and all hardware - (ignore the paragraph about the electronic board.)


I noticed that, but I don’t need the entire kit. . . . Then again, having a set of spare parts maybe isn’t such a bad idea?

I have a micro-bot that comes with a plastic nub as its rear caster which makes it virtually useless on anything but a billiard-table flat surface covered with linoleum.

p.s. I just ordered two giggle-bots for the granddaughters to play with using their micro:bits.

Jim “JR”

Are those the new “updated” giglebot with reversable connector?

Darned if I know.

I would hope that they’re shipping the latest rev, but I honestly don’t know.

I also made a point of ordering two sets of distance sensors, servos, and sensor mounts. I suspect that one of the things they’ll want the 'bot to do is lift the pen off the paper - and when they do. . . . I’ll show them the servos and let them figure out how to do it.

Jim “JR”

Do you know which of the Pololu casters corresponds to the existing Dexter casters?

I think it is this one, (Robotshop)

the size and weight match the one I took off my bot.

I replaced mine with the Pololu 1" Plastic “Old Version” because the DI metal ball was leaving marks on my wood floors:

Here is the post about my conversion to the lighter, better, pololu caster:

Indeed we are shipping the new gigglebot now. I hope you like the changes!

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