Is my BrickPi spoilt?


Yesterday, i shut down my brickpi, forgotten to remove the 8XAA battery pack. The next day, it’s not working anymore. The RPi still works fine, does it mean that it’s spoil? I even tried to execute programs but to no avail.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


Hi everyone!

I should said, the BrickPi can’t work with battery pack. only when i power it at RPi then it works. :frowning:


Hey G,
So the BrickPi was working previously, then stopped working after you left the batteries in place.
Stupid question, I’m sorry for asking it, but have you tested the batteries? Or have you tried completely replacing the batteries with a set you know works?


Hi John

As i’m using rechargeable batteries, some of the batteries dont have enough voltage to power up the brickpi. thus i was unable to turn it on.

Deeply sorry for wasting your time! ><

GBABY, glad that we got that resolved! No waste of time at all.