Is there a limit to how much power you can draw with motors in BrickPi [SOLVED]

I was wondering can I break the BrickPi by
running four motors on top speed? Does BrickPi have safety measures against overloading it? Because I do not want to destroy it by drawing too much power.

Thanks for any help,

Hi Kevin, there are a few safety measures in place to protect the motors on the BrickPi:

  1. The Firmware has some code that prevents it from switching direction too quickly, this will prevent back emf from occuring.
  2. The NXT motors themselves have fuses that prevent them from overdrawing current.

Best, John

Sorry, I worded the question wrong. I meant to ask could I damage the BrickPi itself and possibly the Raspberry Pi by drawing too much power with motors?

It would be hard to do that with regular NXT motors. If you placed some custom motors on the BrickPi, you could certainly damage the BrickPi. But not with regular NXT or EV3 motors.

Thanks, that answered my question.

Great! Can’t wait to see what you’re doing with this, please let us know!