Is there, or can we have posted somewhere, a list of the current versions of everything?


I am trying to clean up after the last flurry of testing, and want to re-establish a clean baseline by re-flashing pristine images and building back up from there.

(I may also create NOOBS bootloader compatible image packages if my multi-boot research pans out.)

As of this instant in time, there does not appear to be any current list of what is the latest-and-greatest “released” version of everything.

For example, I have a SD card that has Raspbian for Robots, 2019-12-19 flashed on it according to it’s label. However, a thorough search of both the and the web sites, I cannot find that version anywhere. Searching for “2019-12-19” on the forum is equally futile.

  • The latest version I can find on-line is the “2019-12-12” version which does NOT successfully boot on my Pi-4.

  • Even the site’s links to Raspbian for Robots ultimately lead to a SourceForge page that serves up the 2019-12-12 version. My links in other posts to the 2019-12-19 version now point to the 2019-12-12 version as well.

  • Additional searching finds links to even older images from August of 2019.

What I would like to see, somewhere, is a page, a sticky forum entry, or whatever works for you folks, that contains a maintained list of the current-rev images for everything, both Raspbian for Robots and the GoPiGo O/S and/or Dexter O/S images. The ability to go back a rev or two, just in case, would also be useful.

This way we can guarantee that everyone, regardless of where they came from or what logical pathway through the web sites they follow, always ends up on the same page, and is offered the current-and-best downloads.

What say ye?