Java drivers for BrickPi

I was wondering, has anyone written java library for BrickPi? I’ve been working on my racing robots and find that python is way toooooo slow for real-time image processing. 7 seconds for 1 640x480 image isn’t gonna be fast enough for a robot to drive autonomously.

I could use C++, but I suck at it, so it would be nice to have a java library.



You can find a list of all of the programming languages for the BrickPi here:

Java is included!

thanks! I was looking in the wrong place on github. That makes life easier and saves me the trouble of messing with Visual Studio C++.


Great! We would love to hear from you about it and your project. And if you’re an expert in Java and can improve the library, do!

I haven’t used the BrickPiJava yet, but I did get OpenCV working with Java. The details on this blog entry. Electrons Free: OpenCV and Java on Raspberry Pi 2 B

I did some comparison of OpenCV and AWT. The results are here.

I checked the install script into my github, but I still need to write some examples for the project and a step-by-step tutorial that others can easily follow.

Very cool, I will check it out. Is it done and should we update our blog post on it?

I’m writing a new tutorial specifically for OpenCV with Java. I checked in a few things into my github BrickPiJava repo. Once I get that sorted out, I plan to write a tutorial on using OpenCV + Java + BrickPi

I finally finished the tutorial for OpenCV with Java. for those interested, you can find it here.



Recently, I have released a new version of this project:

The project has support for BrickPi+. In the next iteration, I will try to add the support for BrickPi3.


Juan Antonio

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I’m gonna try it this week. Finally getting back to my robotics project with the new Pi 3 B+.

what can you do with opencv and Java, and how simple is it, e.g.

  • to locate a red ball by a frame on the screen when moving
  • follow a line even when bending or crossing
  • detect the colors on a Rubik’s cube
  • read Barcodes, AprilTags and QR Code
  • search for beer and CocaCola bottles, wine glasses, shoes and bicycles
  • identify persons by their faces?