Java EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor

Hi guys,

i got a little Problem. I followed the Java examples on github:
github BrickPi

My Problem is, i am only able to run the old nxt Ultrasonic Sensor. I would like to use the new EV3 Ultrasonic senor. Is there any Code Example how to configure it to use the new EV3 sensor? Please help me.

All other Sensors and motors works fine. i have only struggle with the ultrasonic EV3 sensor. mmhh.

Thank you for your help.

Good question. Run ev3 firmware check. It can be found in Brickpi_Python/Sensor_Examples on your pi. If it fails then you need to upgrade your firmware. Also welcome to the forums! :relaxed:

thank you for your tipp. I already updated everything. I don’t know if the python script works (i will try it), but i want to program in Java, cause the robot should be control over a website. mhhh i think i have to google a lot … i wish a fancy new year to every robot fan…

I have also had some problem with the EV3 USS. It will work but has very slow updates and sometimes gives me wrong results. I was going to buy an old NXT USS as they seem to work for everyone but when I was pricing them I found that the USS for raspberry pi are less than $2.

so have brought one and it just runs off the GPIO pins

You still on there @nils.bott ? I apologize for the late reply. I get a lot of emails so it got buried. Take a look at this page on github Its on the BricjPi java repo and shows the compatible sensors. The ultrasonic sensor is not supported apparently. I’ll tell you what you can do. Google using Python with java and see If you can find a solution you like. Then python commands to get data from the ultrasonic sensor. I’m really sorry for the late reply I totally forgot. :disappointed:

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