Java support for BrickPi+ & BrickPi3

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yesterday ev3dev-lang-java 0.7.0 was released with the support for BrickPi 3.

Maven artifact:



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Just out of interest: Is ev3dev meanwhile 100% Raspbian compatible? IIRC, it was not so far, already because of different, incompatible Linux device trees, and so most of the original pre-installed Raspbian-(Jessie-) modules and libraries didn’t work any more, even when re-installed (e.g. GPIO libs like pigpio and wiringPi via apt install or git clone, and probably even many more).

Hi @HaWe, I am not sure if Rasbian or Debian are 100% compatible? But what is the problem? From a Java perspective, it is a good evolution to use BrickPi+/BrickPi3 with Java. In my empirical tests using EV3Dev with BrickPi+ and now BrickPi3, I didn´t see anything blocked in last 2 years. I think that it is a good news for BrickPi ecosystem.


Juan Antonio

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yes, I agree, if someone wants to use just Java for the Brickpi and not anything for anything else. Both Raspbian and ev3dev are Debian-based distributions, but Raspbian (Jessie, Stretch) is the standard OS with a wide support and maintanance by the Raspberry Pi foundation with easy OS download and automatic installers (via SD image or NOOBS) and tested automazed updates and upgrades. OTOH, Raspbian and ev3dev have not been compatible in the past, so standard Raspbian applications and GPIO hardware access did not always run with ev3dev and vice versa (e.g. standard Brickpi drivers for C++, GPIO libs for C/C++ and Python) - one would need 2 different SD cards with 1 dedicated OS each for either purpose. AFAIK Java for ev3dev is also not maintained by Dexter Ind. (not even C++ or Python for ev3dev, CMIIW) , which is a big drawback for future driver and firmware developments, enhancements, and further maintanance. From the standpoint of Brickpi, ev3dev-java is a 3rd-party programming environment on a 3rd-party operating system wih a 3rd-party firmware. But for those who are stuck to Java and want 1 OS on 1 proprietary SD card just for Java, ok, why not…

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Great topic regarding java. Got to know many new information. Thank you.

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